What does vision mean?

EDENLUX invites you to a brighter tomorrow.
Vision is the combination of eye muscles elasticity and visual cortex of the brain.
If human eyes were camera lenses, the visual cortex of the brain would be a film.
Vision is the ability to see and focus clearly, clear vision promises you the better quality of lives.

What We Do.

Collecting and analyzing vision data

Global vision lab of EDENLUX collects vision data from all over the world. Such data is the cornerstone of our goal of recovering the vision of humankind. 

Prediction and prevention of eye diseases

Vision data collected by EDENLUX will be processed and used as a way to predict and prevent human eye diseases. This vision data will bring progression of eye medical industry and technology.

Improve the vision of humankind

Our ultimate goal is to restore the quality of vision of humanity and enrich people’s lives. Enjoy a brighter tomorrow with clean and healthy eyes

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With Us.

Prof. Chul-Yong Park

Ophthalmologist at Samsung Seoul Hospital
Fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital
Seoul National University Medical School

Dr. Nicole Renaud

Doctor’s Degree at George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences
Postdoc at National Institutes of Health

Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital

Contract Research Organization
[Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of Lux.1 in presbyopia;
A randomized, single center,
placebo clinical study]

News Room

[EDENLUX restores the eye health with vision therapy]

에덴룩스(대표 박성용)는 눈 근력 훈련으로 본연의 시력을 회복하는 웨어러블 기기 '오투스(OTUS)'를 개발했다. 비전테라피(Vision Therapy)라는 학문을 기반으로 기술을 개발했다...

[EDENLUX, which has been invested about 2.7million dollars, preparing for the commercialization of its first vision care solution ‘Otus’]

에덴룩스(EDENLUX)가 최근 투자유치와 함께 시력관리 디바이스 ‘오투스(OTUS)' 상용화를 본격화한다...

[Otus, the vision restoring device, makes you do an easy home eye care]

기술 발달은 인류를 한 단계 진일보시켜 놓았지만, 그 대가로 우리는 눈을 잃어가고 있다. 에덴룩스는 또 다른 기술을 통해 인류의 눈을 태초의 상태로 되돌려 놓고자 탄생했다...